Thoughtful discussion and problem solving for infant and child development through the eyes of an Occupational Therapist

Information on children’s sleeping, feeding, motor development, sensory issues, cognition, language, behavior, and daily living skills for parents.

    • Have you ever been at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to get your child to calm herself, how to get your toddler to try a new food, how to get your baby to sleep through the night?
    • How can you teach your child to be more attentive, to react with less drama, to give up his pacifier?
    • How did grandma figure all this out without a computer?

Usually when we need these ideas we are trying to complete an important work task, trying to pick up the last few items at the grocery store, trying to get food ready for a meal, or trying to get some much needed sleep! Smartiepants Mom will help you solve your child development issues.

Smartiepants Mom is an informational resource designed to connect and network ideas and support for problem solving child development and parenting issues.

    • We will integrate mothers’ intuition, grandmothers’ wisdom, nannies’ practicalities, teachers’ strategies, and therapists’ techniques.
    • We will discuss helpful suggestions, share testimonials, review evidence, and problem solve strategies.
    • We will tap into the broad network of ideas that parents, families, individuals, and professionals can share.
    • We will figure out how to customize ideas to individual needs, and how to generalize specifics to use throughout the day.

We will explore helpful products and discuss how they can be used. We will use thoughtful discussion in support of kids and caregivers everywhere: at home, in the car, at school, at therapy, at practice, in public.

Together we will create a “Toolbox” to contain ideas and strategies we can implement so that each one of us, whether old or young, professional or stay-at-home, typical or unique, can be a Smartiepants Mom!

Sleeping Problems


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Feeding/Eating Problems


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Calming Problems


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