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Difficulty “sitting still”

Do you know of a child who has difficulty "sitting still" at school or at home? Sometimes for seating, all that is needed is a different texture: a carpet square, a pillow, a "bumpy" surface. A different texture provides sensory input that doesn't necessarily require...

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Sleep Interventions

I was asked to comment for pediatric occupational therapists regarding sleep interventions. Here is my response: There is a LOT of information about sleep out there. I think OT's are uniquely situated as interventionists due to our understanding of the brain, reflex...

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Picky Eaters

Sometimes "picky" eaters are in the habit of refusing to try new foods because they can exercise their prerogatives. Favorite foods are preferred and no matter what Mom tries, new foods are not going to be tried. Often little ones turn up their noses at any new food...

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